How to host the ultimate Christmas party

Whether you’re in charge of the office Christmas party or are planning a fun night at home, here are our must-read tips for keeping it stress-free.

  1. An anything-goes festive dress code.
    There will always be someone who wants to wear the full Father Christmas outfit and those who come straight from work, so a broad seasonal theme is ideal. An instruction to ‘dress festive’ can be interpreted as anything from tinsel earrings to Christmas pyjamas.

  2. Book your venue and DJ asap!
    While weekends during the silly season book up early, it’s always worth calling to ask about last-minute cancellations. If your venue or DJ is booked on the preferred night, can you be flexible? Could a Friday night get-together turn into a Sunday brunch? Mint DJs are a team of professional, award-winning DJs who cover the South-East, so get in touch to discuss your party with us.

  3. A rocking Christmas playlist.
    Combine the traditional and contemporary with a sprinkling of recent hits and classics. Essentials? ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ by Band Aid, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, ‘Fairy-tale of New York’ by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl, ‘Silver Bells’ by Bing Crosby, and ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham.

  4. Delegate early.
    Don’t leave it until the night. Ask several people for their assistance when you issue invitations – and divide responsibilities between preparation, at the event, and clean-up afterwards.

  5. Be a little extra.
    There are some wonderful options to make your event just that bit more memorable – and give your guests something to post about on social media. Consider hiring a star-lit dance floor, a live musician to play alongside your DJ or a selfie mirror to make your party really pop.

  6. Simple, no mess finger food.
    Ensure most of your party food is ready, or ready to pop into the oven, before the doorbell rings. Keep it as easy as possible with skewers, vegetable and cheese platters, savoury rolls, home-made pizza, decorated cupcakes, shortbread, and minced pies.
  7. Classic Christmas cocktails.
    It doesn’t have to be elaborate. For a mulled wine cocktail, combine a bottle of fruity red wine with a slug of brandy, then simmer over a low heat with cinnamon, lemon zest and a couple of teaspoons of sugar. To make snowballs, mix advocaat with a dash of lime juice, shake, then pour into glasses and add lemonade.

  8. Watch out for drink spiking.
    The recent rise in spiking cases means party hosts need to be extra vigilant this year. Provide drink covers and ask a friend to help ensure drinks are not left unattended. Spiking does not always involve illicit substances; it also includes cases where someone adds extra alcohol to another person’s glass.

  9. Plan a group activity.
    An organised but not too onerous activity is a great icebreaker, particularly at parties where many people don’t know each other. Consider a short, themed quiz or a ‘name that Christmas song’ competition.

  10. Relax and enjoy your night.
    It’s easy to spend every minute looking after your guests. A combination of preparation and delegation will mean you have the time to genuinely relax and enjoy the occasion as well.

    * If you are planning a Christmas party or special event in Kent or the South-East, contact Mint DJs for professional DJs, sound systems and lighting rigs at competitive prices. We also offer extras such as light up letters, LED dance-floors, club lighting and selfie mirrors.

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    Writer: Dawn Gibson-Fawcett, Dawn Creative Media

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