Mint DJs won’t let your party down

Whether it’s a special birthday or your work Christmas party, a DJ no-show is guaranteed to put a dampener on the celebration.

Unfortunately, it’s common. We get around three calls every month from people who have been let down, sometimes just hours before their big event. We’ve heard all the reasons and excuses – it could be illness, an accident or a double-booking, but often it’s simply that the DJ isn’t that professional and doesn’t appreciate the impact of their last-minute cancellation. Our personal favourite is the DJ who left a bride and groom in the lurch two weeks before their wedding because he wanted to watch the football.

Wedding, Christmas Party, Birthday – we will be there

At Mint DJs, we’re serious about partying. After 12 years in the business, we’re pleased to say that we have never let a customer down because a DJ was unexpectedly unavailable. We have an award-winning team of more than 10 professional DJs based in the South-East, so, if one DJ can’t make it for whatever reason, there will always be another on stand-by.

Bad weather won’t stop us. We had a DJ come off the road in blizzard conditions while travelling to a gig; thankfully, he wasn’t hurt, and another DJ was swiftly dispatched. Illness won’t stop us, either – we recently arranged cover for a birthday party with less than an hour’s notice when the original DJ had to go to A&E (and, yes, he’s okay, too). We also have additional equipment, so a faulty deck or microphone isn’t a big drama.

As well as ensuring the show will go on, there are several key reasons you should consider hiring a DJ from a team operation:

  • We cater to specific tastes. Of course, all of our DJs cover a variety of music styles guaranteed to make sure your guests have a great time. But we also have specialists

who will really give you a night to remember, whether you are into indie rock, underground house, or 80s’ soul. Just ask; the diversity of our team means we are likely to have a professional who specialises in your favourite genre.

  • Less hassle for venues. Yes, we can cater to four Christmas parties at the same hotel on the same night in December. And there’s a good chance we can come to the rescue if you get a last-minute booking for a hen’s party that night, as well.
  • Everything you need, in one place. We provide sound systems and lighting for events as small as 10 people and as large as 10,000. We also provide fantastic extras, such as star-lit dance floors, mirror balls, and live performers.
  • Professionalism. Being professional is more than just showing up on time. Our DJs have a wealth of experience that extends beyond their musical knowledge; they’re experts at reading a room and deciding what tracks will best suit your audience, as well as artfully mixing songs and keeping microphone use to a minimum.

If you need a reliable, highly experienced DJ for your next event, get in touch

Written by Dawn Creative Media

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